lunedì 11 gennaio 2016

Video: Kate Winslet vince il Golden Globe come miglior attrice non protagonista per Steve Jobs

Ecco i video della cerimonia dei Golden Globe, dove Kate Winslet è stata premiata come miglior attrice non protagonista per Steve Jobs! E' il quarto Golden Globe della sua carriera.

"Is this really happening? OK I just want to start by saying what an incredible year for women in film and these categories are so crowded and ground with incredible skill and integrity and I feel prouder than ever this year to included I really truly do.
Michael Fassbender you are a legend. I would watch you every day, I don't know I still don't know how you did it. We were all so impressed by you and overwhelmed by your talent. You set the bar so high for everybody. Thank you for being such an incredible colleague and friend. Thank you to my wonderful husband, my everything. You made it all possible." (discorso di ringraziamento)
Kate Winslet vince il premio:

Kate Winslet intervista sul Red Carpet - Golden Globe 2016:

Kate Winslet sul red carpet:

Kate Winslet & Leonardo Di Caprio vincitori ai Golden Globe 2016:

Kate Winslet - interviste dietro le quinte:

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